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Columbia Pictures

A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone 310-244-4000
Fax 310-244-2626

Centropolis Entertainment (Production Company)
Michael De Luca Productions (Production Company)
Gittes, Inc. (Production Company)
The Mark Gordon Company (Production Company)
The Hal Lieberman Company (Production Company)
O.N.C. Entertainment Inc. (Production Company)
Out of the Blue . . . Entertainment (Production Company)
Parkway Productions (Production Company)
Phoenix Pictures (Production Company)
Spyglass Entertainment Group (Production Company)
Wonderland Sound and Vision (Production Company)
Laura Ziskin Productions (Production Company)


Includes Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group; See also Sony Pictures

Amy Pascal Chairman, Motion Picture Group, SPE
Ben Feingold President, CTMPG, SPHE, DVD Distribution
Gareth Wigan Vice Chairman, CTMPG
Bob Osher COO, CPMPG
Doug Belgrad President, Production
Matt Tolmach President, Production
David Bishop President, Worldwide Brand Integration Strategy
Gary Martin President, Columbia Production Administration & SPS Operations
Ken Munekata President, SPE-Japan
Lia Vollack President, Worldwide Music
Robert Geary Sr. Executive VP, Business Affairs & Operations
Andrew Gumpert Sr. Executive VP, Business Affairs
Amy Baer Executive VP, Production
Elizabeth Cantillon Executive VP, Production
Andrea Giannetti Executive VP, Production
James Honore Executive VP, Post Production
Paul Smith Executive VP, Marketing & Distribution, CTMPG
Elvis Mitchell Executive Production Consultant (NY)
Deborah Schindler Executive Production Consultant (NY)
Samuel Dickerman Sr. VP, Production
Lori Furie Sr. VP, Production
Jon Gibson Sr. VP, Business Affairs
Andy Given Sr. VP, Production Administration
Jonathan Krauss Sr. VP, Production
John Levy Sr. VP, Business Affairs
Eileen Lomis Sr. VP, Worldwide Theatrical Financial Administration, CTMPG
Iona Macedo Sr. VP, European Production
Pilar McCurry Sr. VP, Music Creative Affairs
Russ Paris Sr. VP, Post Production
Raul Perez Sr. VP, Music Administration
Masao Takiyama Sr. VP, SPE-Japan
Mark Wyman Sr. VP, Business Affairs
Debra Grieco Bergman VP, Production Administration
Pete Corral VP, Production Administration
Shannon Gaulding VP, Production
Mark Horowitz VP, Business Affairs Administration
Jonathan Kadin VP, Production
Patricia Kendig VP, Worldwide Theatrical Research, CTMPG
Donald Kennedy VP, Music Licensing
Larry Kohorn VP, Music Business Affairs
Adam Moss VP, Production Administration
Karen Moy VP, Story Department
Rachel O'Connor VP, Production
Thomas Stack VP, Business Affairs Contract Administration
Rita Zakrzewski VP, Music Publishing

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