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Dressing Rooms

The term dressing room may be applied to different places.

* In architectural parlance, and in the larger houses, a dressing room is a small room next to a bedroom, used by the occupants to give privacy during dressing and undressing.

* In a theatre and a concert hall dressing rooms are provided for the performers to assume their costumes and makeup. The star dressing room is used by the principal actor and/or actress.

* A dressing room (also called a fitting room, particularly in Britain) in a clothing store is a small enclosure with mirrors where one can try on clothing privately. The purpose of a dressing room is for patrons to ensure that articles of clothing fit properly, and look good on them before committing to a purchase.

Generally dressing rooms have security measures to prevent patrons from stealing clothes by wearing them out of the store. The most common method is to have each patron register the number of clothes that he or she is trying on with a clerk outside of the dressing room. That clerk will then check to ensure that the number of clothes being taken out matches the number taken in.

Most dressing room clerks also offer to take and queue for restocking any clothing which the patron does not wish to purchase after trying it on.

Outside the dressing room, there are often chairs for partners/friends to wait. There are typically mirrors outside as well for joint decisions.

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