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In 2006, Total Film celebrates its tenth year of being the only film magazine that nails a monthly widescreen shot of the whole movie landscape. It’s the essential guide for anyone who’s passionate about movies - whether they’re into Cruise or Cusack, Hollywood or Bollywood, multiplex or arthouse, popcorn or - er - sweetcorn. Each issue is pumped full of reviews, news, features and celebrity interviews on all the latest cinema releases. The all-new home entertainment section, Lounge, is the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything you should care about in the churning world of DVDs, books, videogames and, occasionally, film-related novelty furniture. The magazine regularly features highly desirable, Ebay-friendly FREE stuff - exclusive film cells, posters, postcards, DVDs… We’re currently in discussions with Health & Safety operatives about sticking a vial of radioactive venom to the cover when Spider-Man 3 comes out. Subscribe to Total Film now, or forever be belittled by precocious children in discussions about what’s best and worst in movieland.
Mark Dinning, Editor

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Editor-At-Large - Matt Mueller you want to do work experience for Total Film?

Online Editor - Liz Hawkins
020 7042 4844

The Magazine

Our address: Total Film, 2 Balcombe Street, London, NW1 6NW

Editor - Mark Dinning

Deputy Editor - Nev Pierce
020 7042 4833

Features Editor - Jamie Graham
020 7042 4834

Reviews Editor - Andy Lowe
020 7042 4835

News Editor - Jonathan Crocker
020 7042 4841

Production Editor - Jayne Nelson
020 7042 4842

Production Assistant/ Staff Writer - Jonathan Dean
020 7042 4843

Art Editor - Steven Whitchurch
020 7042 4836

Deputy Art Editor - Chris Deacon
020 7042 4837

Picture Editor - Sarah Tully
020 7042 4840

Hollywood Correspondent - Jenny Cooney

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