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Ivan Reitman
Personal Info - Awards - Film Credits - Biography

Personal Info
Born: 27 October 1946, Komárno, Czechoslovakia [now in Slovakia]
Birth Name: Ivan Reitman

• n/a

• The Montecito Picture Company

• Creative Artists Agency

Emmy Awards
• Nominated, Emmy
Outstanding Made for Television Movie for The Late Shift (1996)
Shared With: Joe Medjuck (co-executive producer), Daniel Goldberg (co-executive producer), Don Carmody

Another 4 wins & 1 nomination

Film Credits
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Director 2006
EuroTrip - Executive Producer 2004
Old School - Executive Producer 2003
Killing Me Softly - Executive Producer 2002
Frailty - Special Thanks 2001
Evolution - Producer, Director 2001
Gulp (short) - Special Thanks (as Our Parents) 2001
Road Trip - Executive Producer 2000
In God We Trust (short) - Very Special Thanks (as My Parents) 2000
Six Days Seven Nights - Producer, Director 1998
Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins (video) - Executive Producer 1998
Fathers' Day - Producer, Director 1997
Commandments - Executive Producer 1997
Private Parts - Producer 1997
Space Jam - Producer 1996
Junior - Producer, Director 1994
Beethoven's 2nd - Executive Producer, Presenter 1993
Dave - Producer, Director 1993
Beethoven - Executive Producer 1992
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - Producer 1992
Kindergarten Cop - Producer, Director 1990
Ghostbusters II - Producer, Director 1989
Twins - Producer, Director 1988
Feds - Executive Producer 1988
Casual Sex? - Executive Producer 1988
Big Shots - Executive Producer 1987
Legal Eagles - Producer, Director, Writer (story) 1986
Ghost Busters - Producer, Director, Zuul/Slimer (voice) (uncredited) 1984
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone - Executive Producer 1983
Heavy Metal - Producer 1981
Stripes - Producer, Director 1981
Meatballs - Director 1979
Animal House - Producer 1978
Blackout - Executive Producer 1978
Tigress - Producer 1977
Rage - Executive Producer, Music Supervisor 1977
Death Weekend - Producer, Musical Director 1976
They Came from Within - Producer, Music Supervisor 1975
Cannibal Girls - Executive Producer, Director, Writer (story) 1973
Foxy Lady - Producer, Director, Editor 1971
My Secret Life - Producer, Cinematographer 1969
Orientation (short) - Producer, Director, Writer 1968

Born in Czechoslovakia, producer/director Ivan Reitman was raised in Canada by his concentration camp-survivor parents. After majoring in music at McMasters University, Reitman got his first taste of the line of work that was to bring him fame and fortune when he attended summer classes at the National Film Board. Here he directed his first short subjects, one of which received mainstream distribution. Encouraged by the Film Board to follow his own creative muse, Reitman was irresistibly attracted to "dangerous," cutting-edge material. His first feature-length directorial project, a 1970 adaptation of the notorious sub rosa Victorian sex novel My Secret Life, nearly landed him in jail. He went on to direct, produce, edit, and score the mildly exploitive Foxy Lady (1971), then directed and produced the horror semi-spoof Cannibal Girls (1973); the latter project represented his first cinematic contact with the famed Second City comedy troupe. In between handling the producing chores on several early David Cronenberg movie projects, Reitman produced Doug Henning's 1974 Broadway musical The Magic Show, then renewed his acquaintance with the Second City folk by producing The National Lampoon Show (1975). He helped elevate John Belushi to film stardom with his spectacularly successful 1978 production National Lampoon's Animal House, then did the same for Bill Murray in his 1979 directorial effort Meatballs, which ended up the biggest-grossing Canadian film of the year. After flirting with the Cinema of the Fantastic in his productions Heavy Metal (1981) and Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983), Reitman deftly combined fantasy and comedy with his direction of the 1984 cash cow Ghostbusters (once more populated with Second City stalwarts, notably Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, and Harold Ramis). Though he has earned his comic stripes as a director, Reitman continues to produce and executive produce other director's projects, notably the runaway hit Beethoven (1991). While he seems to have an unerring Midas touch, not every Reitman project has turned to box-office gold: After helping to give Arnold Schwarzenegger a lighter, more amusing image in Kindergarten Cop (1990), he failed to do same with Sylvester Stallone in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1991); nor was the Schwarzenegger-Danny De Vito vehicle Junior (1994) able to match the success of the stars' earlier pairing in Reitman's Twins (1988). After a few ups and downs in the early '90s, Reitman was way back up with Dave (1993), an uncharacteristically low-key political satire. Thus far, Ivan Reitman's number one unrealized project is a live-action feature based on the cartoon character Inspector Gadget. In the summer of 2001, the man who brought fans Ghostbusters was back with another summer sci-fi comedy extravaganza, Evolution.

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